About Us


Our Approach

Our company produces ECO-Friendly home style decors, local craft wearables & accessories. We offer authentic style with a touch of nature. Each craft is specially designed by assertive efforts to assure quality. Always goal oriented to provide fresh classic products. And decisive in achieving good relations with our consumers. In Having a purposeful advocacy in promoting nature within our products. We are never opinionated by our competitors. Because we are focused on innovation.
Our company has already penetrated the export market. With products that lead the way in innovating local indigenous materials. And introducing these Nature Crafts to Global Market.

We take control of the quality of our products to satisfy our costumers. Because the happiness of our consumers is our priority.
Obhetz Arts & Crafts is composed of creative skilled talents. That pursue specific goals in promoting nature crafts. Our products stands out in style & uniqueness. Because our products incites emotion. As if they were in unison with nature. Every product is classic & purposeful, in quality & style. We source local indigenous materials to produce ECO-Friendly World Class Nature Crafts.

Our company addresses the needs & concerns of our valued customers. And we customize products. Because we value every customer’s request. For Their choice and opinions, matters to Us.

Our Story

Established in 2014 by Mr.Robert O. Lorin. The business literally started from “scratch” with the initial capital of P500.00 only. Using local indigenous materials such as coconut shell, pili shell, bamboo & capiz . He produced ECO-Friendly products that promotes Filipino Artisan Craftsmanship & Culture. The Business progressed through the guidance of Department Of Trade & Industry, Philippines. By attending skills training seminars, participation to Trade Fairs & other entrepreneurial activities. Obhet’z Arts & Crafts company has continued growth and success. To date the company already penetrated the export market.


To Be Known As The Primary Producer Of ECO-FRIENDLY! Quality Original and Authentic Novelty Items Made From Local Indigenous Materials.


To Produce Quality ECO-Friendly, Original and Authentic Products. Through aggressive product development, trainings and researcrh.  Increase the productivity and competitive advantage. To uplift the quality of life of our local farmers, by sourcing local indigenous materials.